Friday, June 25, 2010

Back From MIA...Possibly

I've been missing in action for over a month now, but I'm back, at least for the moment. I've been out enjoying my life outside of the computer/blogosphere. I'll share a few of the things that we've been out enjoying.

My little boy graduated kindergarten. Proud of the wonderful job he did in his first year of school, but not so sure I want him to be out of kindergarten. He ended with mainly Excellent's and some Satisfactory's. This is Jayce on graduation day with his awesome teacher...

So next year he'll hit the big time for 1st grade, Taylor will be in 4th, and Alyssa will be in her very last year of Jr. High, 8th grade. Ugh.

My husbands two oldest kids came out for a week's visit. While they were here we took them to Knott's Berry Farm and the beach in California. We had a wonderful time...minus freezing our asses off at the beach in the morning. My hubby is the only one who enjoyed it regardless of the frigid temp and water. But once the temps rose in the afternoon then we all enjoyed it. Seriously...when Ryan got out of the water in the morning HE WAS PURPLE. Mmm hmm...purple.

Ryan, Siara and I....our LOVELY 2 hour wait for Knott's Berry to open since Miss Siara woke us up at the crack of OMG because she wanted to get going...that and she's an early to rise girl to begin with...which kind of clashes with a "don't you dare wake me" me.

We ran into some hot fellas...

Ryan was just overjoyed that snoopy stopped by for a visit...

And here's my crazy family in the freezing waters of Newport Beach...

Siara, Ryan and I

Wondering if this sea urchin will poison me or something...

My hubby and I catching a wave...

Ooooh that was fun!

We went out on a ranger/quad ride....

Up front is Grandma Sheryl and Jayce, in the back is Alyssa, Siara and Taylor.

And here is my hubby and Ryan...

My hubby and I...

"I vwant to bite you"

And we've done some swimming...but I'll save that for another time. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


  1. Holy crap is that you? I was wondering if you would remember how to type.

  2. That sounds like a GREAT time!! I've "died" in bloggy land too! I will try to get back at it next week!

  3. Exactly what you should be doing in the Summer... I'm jealous!!! Glad your back.

  4. Gee I though you were abducted or something. ;) Glad to hear that you are have a great summer.

  5. I feel ya, chica...I've been MIA too. If you visit my page, I swear you can hear the crickets chirping over there:) Glad you guys are enjoying your summer so much. The photos look super fun!

  6. Take it easy girl. I've been MIA too with a sporadic post here and there. Everyone needs a break. Enjoy it.

  7. Hey. I can NOT believe you were sitting by my hot fellas like that.

  8. Girl...I am with Mimi...share the wealth! I love the pics. Especially the one of you biting your hubby?!?! WTF!


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