Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back With A Bang

I have been gone, gone, gone...but now I'm back! Woohoo! My kids are all back in school so now I have time to be immersed in here again. And I'm back just in time to join this new little meme...

This is hosted by MissC @ Life As I See It...and co-hosted by The Lunatic Cafe, Babies Boobies & A Blog, and Naughty Mommy Reviews & Junk. Here is a description of the meme:

This meme is THE NAUGHTY LIST! I want each of you to write 3 things that you have done that made you feel naughty! It can be from years ago or minutes ago!


1. I spent a lot of my youth running around nude. At the lake, through the streets, out in the AZ desert. I may have meant to be a nudist...having kids has changed that ;)

2. I used to work as an emergency dispatcher. One time my co-worker and I took a ride in the back of our officer friend's police vehicle for a small joy ride around the downtown buildings in phx. We were hollering out of the windows that the officer was taking us to jail just cause we were making out in the park. Gave the homeless people that were out and about a good laugh.

3. If my hubby is talking about something that I may not particularly care about I flash him so he will possibly lose track of what he is talking about and move on.

Anywho, I'm glad to be back and can't wait to see what I've been missing out on.


  1. Boobs are great weapons! I'm all over that!! So nice to have you joining us. Can't wait to see you next week!

  2. LOL! OMG! I LOVE your #3!!! I am TOTALLY going to try this! ESPECIALLY, since I just had a little "surgery" on the "girls!" LOL! I can't quit laughing about it!!!
    And welcome back!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

  3. I do that to Levi too when he is boring me. Men are suckers for boobs

  4. Wow! I'm totally going to try that flashing trick. I'm sure it will work.

    And if it weren't for shortmama mentioning you every once in a while I would have thought you disappeared of the face of the earth. ;)

  5. I need to try that..flashing my hubs to distract him...haha lol.
    Nude huh? I wish I could be nude all the time...well sometimes.

  6. LMFAO! I must take a page from your book and flash hubby when he's boring me! That's awesome!

  7. Oh I gotta try number 3! Thanks for joining.

  8. I do #3, too. Best distraction I know of. Good to have you back!

  9. #3 cracked me up! I don't really have to do this because my husband forgets what he was talking about 5 seconds into talking about something. Glad to have you back!


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