Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Blogging,

Nice to be back to this, coffee, typing and music (currently playing is Boom by POD). Sharing my life and reading up on others...nice start to the day.

Desert Rose

Dear Charlene,

I'm ready for another concert again...Nickelback is coming to town. Lurv me a concert.

Wild Rose

Dear Jayce,

Thank you for the laughter you give out. You really cracked us up while out shopping for clothes. When we picked out Alyssa's school pants and then realized that one of that tags on there showed how it maximizes the butt and gives it a lift, it was just hilarious when you told her that it really does lift up her butt when she tried them on and she came out to let me make sure they were ok. And of course when you decided to tell her that all of the other pants lift her butt up too, ya, funny.

Belly Laughin' Mama

Dear Kids,

Get used to me "embarrassing" you by going to school and taking'll appreciate the memories when you are older.

Memory Makin' Mama

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  1. They should be glad you go there with clothes on!

  2. hehe! You go memory makin mama! I'm horrible that way too! Dylan was LUCKY i let him off the hook last year when he started high school!!!

  3. It's great to have you back!

  4. Good for you for taking their pictures, I am going to do the same thing! My oldest at (almost) 5 alredy notices I take too many pics. She will love me for it one day though :)


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