Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Bully,

Listen, last year you bullied lots of girls. You even beat one up at a bus stop. And I've heard you've had a pretty hard life and some really bad things have happened to you. While I wouldn't wish these things upon you, I damn well will not stand for you bullying my daughter and her friends. Last year I gave Alyssa directions to ignore you and if you wouldn't stop to just let you know that whatever your problem was that she didn't want to be on the receiving end of it and to knock your crap off. You were even brave enough to throw her some dirty looks while I was there. Well after picking up Alyssa and her group of friends from open gym the other night and them telling me that you and your friends were being really mean and calling them bitches and threatening to smash a soda can in their faces...this Mom has had enough. You will hear from me at open gym tonight. I've heard that you keep bullying because everyone is afraid to stand up to you. It better come to an end.

Thorny Rose

Dear 4th Grade Homework,

Oh My Word, between a lot of homework and Taylor having some difficulties grasping what she is learning...we are quite literally doing homework from the time she gets home until it's time for bed. Besides her snack, dinner and bath time, the rest of her evening is filled up with doing her homework and trying to comprehend it. Less homework please, she shouldn't have to spend her whole evening stressed/working to finish and comprehend it all.

Concerned Rose

Dear Exercise,

Why are you such a needy being? I shouldn't have to visit you soooo often...really, I shouldn't.

Wilting Rose

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  1. Oh no! Hanna starts 4th grade on the 23rd. Now I'm dreading homework. You got a head start though. How about I just have her call you with questions. =)

  2. I am so blah about school this year! Can we have a do over?

  3. Ok, momma.....SICK'EM on those bullies!!! That is TOTALLY ridiculous!! People like that (kids or not) drive me INSANE!!!

  4. That totally sucks about the bully. I hope you kick some ass. You don't mess with a mama bear!!!

  5. It's rididculous about the homework in 4th grade already!! I mean that it's so hard, that sucks monkey nuts.
    But the bully thing...I wanna hear what you said to the little shit! I mean little....I don't know.

  6. I loathe bullies! Can you talk to her teachers and let them know she is struggling?

  7. If you have a bullying problem the school needs to take care of it immediately. My son was bullied and finally one day, he cracked and beat the snot out of the kid...according to everyone that witnessed it, the other kid had it coming, no charges were filed and after that the kid and his friends left him and others along. I don't advocate violence, but this girl needs to be stopped! As far as all that homework...that is just insane, kids need homework, but not so much that they have no time for anything else. My prayers go out to you and your family!

  8. Dear Desert Rose,

    I've been missing for a long time now and I'm very sorry I've shut you and everyone else out of my life, and shut myself out of yours; please visit my blog and accept my sincere apology.

    A very hopeful Nuke Girl


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