Monday, August 9, 2010

Manic Monday Foo'

Just another manic Monday...wish it I know a lot of people don't like their hectic schedules that start on Mondays. Seeing how I'm still currently a stay-at-home mom, I am lovin' Mondays at this point in time. ALL the kids are in school...and I...I'm blarin' the music and getting my one woman party started! I'm living it up. Sent the kids off to the bus with hugs, kisses and well wishes for a good day.

  • Dance and sing and get jiggy wit' it....Done!
  • Go and buy fall semester text books.
  • (Rather be spending the money on Nickelback tickets)
  • Get jiggy wit' it in the car to the blarin' music.
  • (Aren't you all so lucky that I DON'T know how to post video!)

And that is my agenda...pretty empty...pretty awesome to me!

Here is a short weekend re-cap to cap this off...

Saturday night we went to Shortmama's house for some dinner and game playing. We like to talk shit to each other. And Amanda and I have very loving names for our hubby's. Keep in mind it's loving...cause we lurv them :) Anywho, when game playing gets competitive here is how we address our husbands...

Me to Jason..."What are you doing bitch, quit skipping me!"
Shortmama to Levi...ok really, I can't remember her whole sentence to him, because I was cracking up laughing when she hollered at him and called him a "shit stain". Bwahahahaha....still cracks me up!



  1. OMG! That sounds like a GREAT time playing games with the hubby's! I'm SURE they love the way their loving wives talk to them! LOL!
    And dance on on........

  2. That is freakin hilarious!!! I love the shit stain name, I haven;t heard that one before.

  3. I thought I heard your music all the way over here. Just dance with clothes on....or at least make sure your curtains are closed


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