Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Tuesday

~ Went for a nice walk this morning on our trail at the park. There were a ton on bunnies and quail. And one chipmunk. I wanted to gather up all the cute little baby bunnies and baby quail and bring them home with me. Too cute.

~ It's still summer time, and I haven't done this in a while...

I don't know what I am thinking...I love swimming and I've not done it near as much as I should.

~ This is my dog Malibu...

She is looking at me like "It's.Not.Fair...Roxy is on dad's lap, and I should be on yours". Not happening...a 67 pound 8 month old American Bulldog in NOT a lap dog.

~ Hmm, let's see, what is on my agenda today? Nothing! Fantastic, once again. Now I'm off to plant myself in front of the the TV, maybe take a little siesta, maybe read a little, snack a little...maybe a little bit of everything and nothing at all. I'm going to enjoy the rest of this week and next week before I head back to fall semester classes. Lovin' me some ME time!


  1. I was just thinking about how I wanted to head to the ranch to go swimming

  2. I love your dog we had one similar when i was growing up such loyal dogs.

  3. Your post just made me think about Malibu Rum, Pineapple & Cranberry Juice... YUM! I want your pool. Oh & your body too... well that came out wrong, you know what I mean though.

  4. Your dog is adorable. She has no concept of her size, just her lack of a lap to lay on.


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